17894 Brown Road, Conroe, Texas 77306, United States

(713) 823-3298

City Close, Country Quite Conroe RV park

I had a gentleman call me and ask if I had a spot for a fifth wheel.

I told the gentlemen that i did have a spot and that he could set up in a particular spot.

When I arrived, I met Bobby who had set up his fifth wheel RV in the location .  To my surprise Bobby  was in a wheel chair.  I asked him who helped him set up and disconnect his RV, Bobby stated that he does all of his own setting up!

Bobby has been in the park for a few months now so I have been able to get to know Bobby. Bobby was an Iron worker until one day he was involved in  an accident which left him with the paraplegic condition.

Bobby is always happy and willing to talk about anything.  Bobby does all of his own shopping and he will occasionally go to the country and western club for a little dancing.

Bobby who is from Alabama has traveled from Florida to New Mexico staying at various RV parks. 

Bobby is such an inspiration when you think you are having a bad day.

Be thankful for what you have as life changes.